Pelleve voted top lunchtime skin treatment

PelleveIf you’re on the hunt for a skin treatment that will provide impressive results, then look no further than Pelleve.

Recently voted as a top lunchtime treatment for the skin, you won’t know how you ever lived without it.

The Express Anti-Ageing Awards

The Express deemed Pelleve as the top lunchtime skin treatment, as a result of being a non-surgical treatment that requires very little downtime. With patients being able to pop into the clinic during their lunch times, the treatment is easy to carry out and provides obvious results. With top up sessions needed every six to twelve months, it’s a treatment that needs little maintenance compared to other skin treatments.

Pelleve is a non-surgical skin treatment that rejuvenates the skin from within, using radiofrequency to stimulate collage production and improve the overall appearance of the face.

With no injections almost pain free treatment, Pelleve is the ideal skin treatment for those who want their face to be noticeably different, for the better, but with minimal discomfort and downtime suffered in the process.

The skin treatment at Quinn Clinics in Bristol costs around £600 for each area treated.

Delivering the treatment though a handheld device, the tip of the device is gently passed over the skin?s surface, with a pleasant sensation felt, similar to a hot stone massage.

As a result of the treatment taking just 15 minutes form start to finish, it can even be fitted into a busy lunchtime, with virtually no recovery time needed at all. Although mild swelling and redness can occur, this rarely lasts longer than 10 hours or so after treatment.

If, however, it’s more of a drastic result you?re after, then Pelleve can also be teamed with BOTOX® wrinkle injections, in order to eradicate both fine and deep lines, as well as crow’s feet.

Read more about the Anti-Ageing Awards at The Express.

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