Microdermabrasion – Do Home Kits Stack Up?

Quinn ClinicsMicrodermabrasion is something of a buzz word in the cosmetic industry and would appear to be all the rage. But what do we actually know about it, and why is it so popular?

Well, the first thing you need to know about Microdermabrasion is that it’s a non-surgical procedure. It involves no nips and no tucks; it’s just a gentle treatment that works with your body. Think of it as an advanced exfoliant, one that sweeps away dead skin cells to reveal newer, fresher and brighter skin.

Basically, a professional microdermabrasion treatment involves using medical-grade crystals to gently scrub the outer layer of the skin. Once the dead skin has been buffed away, a fresh layer is brought to the surface. This process helps to rid the skin of imperfections, such as sun damage, dry patches, blackheads and even acne. Once blemishes and spots are scrubbed away, the skin is unblocked and becomes more receptive to nutrients. Not only does it appear smoother and more youthful, but it’s easier to keep it that way.

The process takes less than half an hour, and no anaesthetic creams or injections are required as it is a comfortable experience.

As well as being pain-free and suitable for all skin types, Microdermabrasion isn’t invasive. When carried out by an experienced practitioner, you can receive amazing and dramatic results.

How do Home Kits Compare?

In recent years, companies have produced so-called ‘Microdermabrasion Home Kits.’ While all very well and good for those with experience of the treatment, these kits do have disadvantages.

Firstly, there’s always the possibility of inexperienced users scrubbing the skin too much, which could cause the skin to look red-raw, rather than rejuvenated. The truth is, performing Microdermabrasion at home could end up leaving you with more ill-effects than benefits.

Certainly the price may be appealing – some kits cost as little as £15; significantly less than what you’d pay at an average clinic. However, it’s highly unlikely that these kits come with medical-grade crystals, so you can’t even know what you’re scrubbing your skin with!

All in all, it’s far safer to consult a clinic. You can achieve the look you want in just one session, and a half hour treatment beats spending a panicked weekend in the bathroom.

Quinn Clinics

Quinn Clinics in Clifton, Bristol, offer microdermabrasion .  For patients’ peace of mind, the clinic is registered with the Care Quality Commission, meaning that it has to reach exacting standards.  The clinic is also owned and led by Dr John Quinn, who has over 6 years experience in cosmetic and skin treatments.

Call 0117 924 4592 to arrange an appointment.

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