Baby BOTOX® – What is It?

BotoxNot only are women in their 30’s and 40’s using BOTOX® to counteract the signs of ageing, but now women in their twenties are opting for a shot or two.

Indeed, girls as young as 18 are having their featureless foreheads injected in a bid to stave off those early wrinkles and lines.

OK, so it does work: studies have shown that if you give one twin BOTOX®, and not the other, their appearances can alter dramatically over the years. The fact is, BOTOX® isn’t simply a cure, but a preventative too.

While you may be elated at the prospect of those crow’s feet being stopped in their tracks, the appearance of the skin, once you’ve plumped for the treatment, can seem artificial. Bad BOTOX® is all too obvious, whether it’s your constantly surprised look or an inability to frown.

As a case in point, take a look at Melanie Griffith. As she arrived at the Best In Drag Show this year, it looked like her efforts had all been in vain. It’s not that her injections hadn’t taken proper effect: the truth is, there wasn’t a wrinkle to be seen on her perfectly smooth forehead. Rather, the lines around her mouth and eyes accentuated the fact that she’d had work elsewhere. There was just too much of a contrast; her marble-smooth forehead and crumpled up eyes didn’t fool anyone into underestimating her age.  Poor Melanie has become an example of “overdone” BOTOX® and fillers.


Thankfully, there’s a sensible BOTOX® treatment that can leave your face looking not only younger, but relaxed and lifelike too. Go for “baby BOTOX®”. No, it’s not a new treatment; rather it’s the correct application of BOTOX® for subtle results.

Doctors are increasingly eager to make sure you get the right look, and will opt to under-correct your lines rather than go in with all guns blazing. Of course you need the right practitioner, and that’s the incredibly important part: you definitely need to be careful who you book with.

Don’t freeze your face in a bid to stave off ageing.  Have sporadic sessions, work up gradually and you’ll soon be looking convincingly younger.

Like most of life’s essentials, BOTOX® can be beneficial, but only in moderation.

Quinn Clinics – Dr John Quinn

Aesthetic Practitioner, Dr John Quinn, practices “Baby BOTOX®” and natural-looking anti-ageing treatments at Quinn Clinics, based in Clifton, Bristol.

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