Why Yu Had Laser Hair Removal

Lumenis LightsheerWho elects for laser hair removal? A wide range of people, it would appear…

Some may remember seeing the world’s hairiest man in the news a couple of years ago, opting for laser hair removal in a bid to change his life. Yu Zhenhuan, 34, was born with a hormone imbalance that covered an incredible 96% of his body with hair.

From the age of seven, Yu was being cast in movies due to his unusual condition, but come 2009, he was rejected by a Chinese director for playing a role in Journey to the West. Not only did Yu then decide to opt for laser hair removal, but he underwent extensive surgery on his eyes, nose and lips.

Of course, this example is hair removal at its most drastic; most of us just want to obviate the burden of shaving, waxing or plucking.

Indeed, the most prominent reason why people choose laser hair removal is because of previous unsuccessful attempts to get rid of it.

Average 11,540 Shaves in a Lifetime

The average woman will shave her legs a mind-numbing 11,540 times during her life, spending a fortune on razors and blades in the process. Add to this the plastic used to create those hundreds of razors, and shaving is clearly an expensive and environmentally-unfriendly method of hair removal.

Waxing and plucking can alter hair follicles, meaning in-grown hairs and damaged skin; and there is no way to predict whether these methods will increase or decrease hair growth.

Laser – Permanent Hair Reduction Guaranteed

If you’re seeking a permanent solution, laser hair removal warrants serious consideration and has justifiably earned its recent increase in popularity.

It requires only three to six sessions to impart the maximum results, with hair follicles completely destroyed in the process. Each session will target hairs in their active growth phase to ensure that shaving, waxing and plucking are mundane tasks of the past.

So who’s opting for laser hair removal? Not just Yu Zhenhuan it would appear…

Quinn Clinics – Laser Hair Removal Bristol

Patients looking for laser hair removal should check the provider’s credentials very carefully.  Quinn Clinics is the only independent laser hair removal clinic in Bristol to undergo registration with the Care Quality Commission, who independently assess the standards.

Quinn Clinics use the The Lumenis Lightsheer diode which is the best system for permanent hair reduction. It has been well studied and proven over many years. 

Medical research suggests that laser is more effective than intense pulsed light (IPL) in permanent hair reduction and requires fewer treatments.

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